About Elisa & Chelsea Girl

Hiiii! Elisa's daughter, Ruby, here to tell you guys all about my mom: 

My mom opened her first vintage boutique in downtown Manhattan (SoHo) when she was pregnant with me in 1993. In following years, she opened 4 more businesses, featuring: couture vintage (Chelsea Girl Couture), vintage handbags (Clutch!), rock-inspired unisex vintage (Laurel Canyon), and, lastly, third-wave coffee with the best baked goods ever (City Girl Cafe).

For 20 years, her stores were among the pre-eminent vintage outlets in the US. When I was a kid, all my friends wanted to hang at her shops to dress up and spot celebrities (Chloë Sevigny, Brittany Spears, Demi Moore, Beyonce!!! to name a few). Her stores were featured countless times in InStyle Magazine, Vogue, The NY times, NY Magazine, NY Post, Time Out, and many other publications. She also did a quick stint on reality TV (Sundance's Girls who like Boys who like Boys) with her best friend, David. As you can see, she has pretty much always been into what's cool before everyone else.

In 2017, she decided to focus on antique diamond and estate jewelry (she says I'm her best customer who never pays, hehehe). She has since sold exclusively via DM (typically selling out within minutes), on her wildly successful Instagram, @chelseagirl.nyc


After years of daily requests from customers to view Chelsea Girl's available inventory, we've finally created a website where you can shop our entire collection. The site will also make checking out a lot easier (on her end, too trust me, she never stops working!) But definitely follow her on Instagram, as every new piece will continue to drop via stories first. Also, if you're already a follower, you know her storytelling is pretty captivating (she was a photo-major from NYU and photojournalist for punk rock record labels in the 80s). Don't miss out!

xx Ruby  


Chelsea Girl LLC is based out of downtown NYC! Contact Elisa via DM or here.




FAQs answered by Elisa

How long have you been selling vintage and antique jewelry?

I opened my first shop in November, 1993, in NYC, selling vintage clothing and antique jewelry, and quickly expanded to three stores. When I closed my last shop in 2011, I decided to phase out the clothing and exclusively sell jewelry.

Is everything you sell genuine gold and diamonds?

Yes! I clearly state in all my descriptions the gold karat and the type/size/weight of the stones. EVERY ITEM IS PROFESSIONALLY TESTED and I guarantee the authenticity of every item.

What about condition?

All my jewelry is in excellent condition, with no flaws, unless otherwise stated in the description. Of course, vintage and antique items will have patina (which I like, so I don’t polish) and minor wear, but nothing major.

What’s the difference between antique, vintage, and estate jewelry? 

Antique jewelry is over 100 years old. Vintage jewelry is over 20 years old. Estate jewelry is a term that refers to previously owned jewelry.

Where do you find your stuff? 

I’ve been a secondhand shopper all my life: all my clothes, furniture, books, art, and yes, jewelry, were purchased secondhand. So I've always been resourceful and expert at buying antique and vintage items. I buy jewelry at shows, online, from estates, when I travel, and, lastly, in NYC’s jewelry district, where I have dealer friends who source items for me on a daily basis. Many of my gold items are found in what I affectionately call “the junk pile” where I sift through pounds of gold and save antique and vintage jewelry from being melted! I also have a secret Paris dealer who sources amazing French jewelry for me and sends me shipments once a month.

Your items sell so quickly. How can I make sure I see them before they sell out?

New items drop on Instagram first, so turn on your notifications! That’s where you’ll see new items as soon as they’re available. Go to the @ChelseaGirl.NYC Instagram, click the bell in the upper right hand corner, turn on post and story notifications…and voilà!

How can I clean antique jewelry?

I like the natural patina of old gold, but diamonds can get dingy with wear, so we suggest gently cleaning your jewelry from time to time with warm water, soap and a soft toothbrush. Also, avoid wearing any pieces with stones while showering or swimming-- stones slightly expand when soaked in water, then shrink when dry, which can cause the setting to expand and therefore the stone to fall out. My daughter is always making this mistake 🙄

How can I pay?

We accept several different methods of payment, including most Amex/Visa/Mastercards, Paypal, Apple Pay, and Venmo.

Please note, Apple Pay only shows up when you use Apple's SAFARI browser, and Venmo does not show up on phones (only computers).

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! We offer to pay in 4 installments via a third party, 'SHOP PAY' when you are checking out.

Simply tap ShopPay's big purple button under Express Checkout. The following screen will explain installment terms to you. Please note, this is operated by a third party so we cannot change these terms. If you feel like you're a special case, contact us.

What shipping methods do you offer? Do you ship internationally?

All shipping info here. Yes we ship worldwide!

What about returns and refunds?

We accept returns within reason. All return/refund info here.


Whether you're a customer or journalist, feel free to get in contact:

➞  DM Elisa directly on Instagram (this is the FASTEST way to get a question answered!)

Have something a bit longer to say?

✉ Email info@chelseagirlnyc.com